Breakthrough supplement helps build a strong immune system to protect against avian flu.
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Avian Flu, help to protect yourself
"The bird flu virus is the single largest threat to humanity ..."
- The Centers for Disease Control (USA)

"Vaccines and antiviral agents are unlikely to meet demand, even for industrialized countries able to purchase them."
- The Next Influenza Pandemic: Lessons from Hong Kong, 1997 by René Snacken, Alan P. Kendal, Lars R. Haaheim, and John M. Wood, published by the Centers for Disease Control (USA).

Help protect yourself - raise your immune system response

Bird flu is a virus, and antibiotics would not have any effect against it. The human immune system is your first line of defense against the H5N1 bird flu. Poor diet can be a major contributor to poor immune response. Your immune system is compromised daily by stress and due to air, water, ground pollution. Source: nlda

To help to protect yourself and others from the Bird Flu, your immune system response can be raised to a significantly higher level by the use of over-the-counter, immune enhancing substances1.
1Learning, Preparing and Protecting Your Family: Christopher Steward, Holistic Healing

Building up your immune system can take several months, so start working on it today.

Breakthrough Multinutrient Powdered Drink

Breakthrough provides the missing links in your daily diet and helps to build a strong immune system - so important to everyone in protecting against illness. 


  • Breakthrough is a powerful high-dose complete food supplement in powder from made with high concentrations of nutrients that help to maintain a healthy and strong immune system.

  • Taken daily in water or juice, Breakthrough provides a powerful anti-oxidant formula combined with organically complexed vitamins, minerals and trace elements with amino acids which are essential elements to a healthy body. Such ingredients from material sources are more easily absorbed by the body. If taken as directed, Breakthrough helps the user to safeguard their intake of important nutrients.

  • Breakthrough was originally developed for professional athletes whose immune systems needed support as they suffered from frequent opportune infections like flu, the common cold, and other viral infections. Their immune systems were compromised because of high training loads. Breakthrough is now commonly used by many professional and Olympic athletes to fight opportune infections. Aside from sport, Breakthrough has also assisted many less fortunate individuals who have succumbed to diet related illnesses and patients with compromised or weak immune functions. See more at

  • Recommended dosage: one 25g serving a day.

  • Directions: add one level scoop (supplied) to 200ml of water or your favourite juice and stir in well.

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